Camouflage Kilt


Camouflage Kilt

Camouflage Kilt.




Seen in Naha airport.

Architecture: 10 Wonders of the New China


Central Chinese Television CCTV, Beijing

Great article in BusinessWeek online. (Via



Please use the vertical story toilet which makes trouble and doesn't exist explanation.

“Please use the vertical story toilet which makes trouble and doesn’t exist explanation.” Mmm, I’m not sure I want to take that risk.

Seen in Ebisu.

Paris Hilton’s Facial Expression Never Changes


Paris Hilton’s Facial Expression Never Changes.



End time is last time of downhill feces from mountaintop station.

Seen at a cable car station at Lake Kawakuchi. Tanks, Brandon.

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Gmail Lets You Set From: Header


Gmail now lets you configure the From: header of the mails you send. This is great news if your “official” mail address is something other than “…” and you only use Gmail as your back end for storing, reading and writing mails. With the proper From: header (as opposed to the Reply-To: header, which has always been configurable), people won’t accidentally add your Gmail address to their address books. This in turn means that it is easier to switch to a different mail system if you should become unsatisfied with Gmail.

This is a pretty generous feature from Google, considering that they are really removing a lot of lock-in into their system.

Updated: Added screen shot:

Setting From: header in GMail

Update: As Paul points out in the comments below, Your Milage May Vary depending on the user interface language set in Gmail. Its seems, though, that you can switch to English (US), add a new “From:” address, switch back to your favorite language and still use the new address.

The 152 MByte Mouse Driver


Yesterday I bought a Mighty Mouse at the Apple store in Ginza. (And while I was here, I also got myself a nice PowerBook…) The below screenshot shows the installation dialog for the driver software.

Mighty Mouse installation dialog

WTF, 152 MByte for a mouse driver?! My first hard disk (in an IBM PC AT) only had a capacity of 20 MByte!

Welcome Foreigners!


Welcome Foreigners! Drink & Eat more! Spend Less!

Yakiniku restaurant in Akasaka.

Service for Tracking Web Site Changes Through RSS?


Is there a service that notifies you of web site changes and lets you subscribe to the alerts through RSS? Not necessarily full-fledged screen-scraping, just something saying “Site X has been updated, click here to visit it.” I want to track sites that get updated infrequently and don’t have an RSS feed, such as Tokyo Damage Report or James Kunstler’s Eyesore of the Month.

You know you’ve been in Japan too long when. . .


…you accidentially visit Wikipedia’s list of Egyptian hieroglyphs and you find youself thinking “This is not so much worse than kanji characters. I could learn this if I had to…”


No Smoking


"Archer fish No Smoking" sign

Seen in Osaka.

Unrealized Moscow



Great gallery of unrealized Moscow architecture of the 1930s and 1940s. Via

Just a Man and His Will to Survive



Movie of a guy recreating “Rocky”. Childish. Funny. Via iBLOGthere4iM.

Household Essentials - Part IV


Banana holder

The Banana Holder.